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Price: RS.7,850

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The new generation racing wheel for Genius: Speed Wheel RV FF, the new Force Feedback Racing wheel with gear shifter, provides realistic racing experience. You can set the gear shifter as a hand break or manual transmission in PC racing games. A Turbo function for auto repeat so you can play FPS Racing games or Flight shooting by this revolutionary racing wheel as well for different gaming feelings. Bumps, collisions, crashes, the Immersion-patented TouchSense technology and advanced force feedback function provide every different feeling that you make in the game. A rubberized wheel is comfortable to hold and the streamlined-designed gas and brake pedals let you speed up or clamp on the breaks just like in real life. Moreover, Speed Wheel RV FF includes 12 programmable buttons that you can assign the most commonly used game features to speed up overall play. Four suction cups and one C-clamp designed on the base of the wheel provide you play with great stability. Want to feel a amazing racing campaign? Then enjoy the performance of Speed Wheel RV FF! Are you ready?

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Warranty info: 1 Year Company Provided

Shipping info: Same Day Free Delivery