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Price: RS.750

Protection – Stronger than ever.

Built on award-winning technology, PC Tools Spyware Doctor simply and specifically protects against spyware threats.

  • Powerful protection safeguards you from spyware.
  • Defends against online threats no matter how they try to attack your PC.
  • Displays website safety ratings directly in your search results.
  • Checks files before they can get on your PC and compromise your computer.
  • Stops known and new threats faster than traditional methods by utilizing advanced behavior protection.

Performance – Faster than ever.

Meticulously engineered for maximized speed, PC Tools Spyware Doctor delivers protection that won’t get in the way of your everyday computer use.

  • Stay protected without the slowdown while you:
    • Copy and transfer files
    • Archive and extract documents
    • Manage videos, music, and other media
    • Run programs and applications
    • Download files from the Internet
  • Dramatically improves scan times by utilizing intelligent idle-scan technology to scan when your computer has available resources.
  • Easily set the level of performance and protection you need.
    • Choose to optimize performance, maximize your protection levels, or set it to a balanced mode to get a good mixture of both.

Experience – Better than ever.

With a brand new user interface, PC Tools Spyware Doctor combines the trusted, powerful protection you need with the simple experience you want.

  • Refreshingly intuitive user experience with a bold new look.
  • Runs silently in the background, automatically updating, scheduling scans, and removing infections so that you can install, set, and forget with maximized protection

IMPROVED! Advanced multilayered threat detection technology Recommended by reviewers worldwide.

IMPROVED! Behavior Guard intelligently analyzes software characteristics to accurately block malicious activity faster than traditional signature-based antispyware products.

IMPROVED! AntiSpyware protects your online privacy and prevents identity theft.

IMPROVED! Real-time protection instantly stops known and new threats from installing.

IMPROVED! Download Guard verifies your downloaded files against the cloud, keeping even the newest spyware threats off your PC.

IMPROVED! Memory Scanner removes spyware threats hidden in your PC’s memory.

IMPROVED! Browser, Cookie, and Site Guards allow you to surf safely by protecting you from malicious websites.

IMPROVED! Browser Defender™ displays website ratings directly in your search results, warning you of unsafe links.

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Warranty info: 1 Year Company Provided

Shipping info: Same Day Free Delivery